Unbound Philanthropy

Unbound Philanthropy is a private grantmaking foundation dedicated to ensuring that migrants, refugees, and their families are treated with respect and dignity; are able to contribute fully in their new communities; and can ultimately thrive in a society that is comfortable with the diversity and opportunity that immigration brings.

Our work is designed to support immigration policies built on equal respect for all people. We seek to promote well-managed migration that incorporates and honors the diverse perspectives of newcomers and long-standing citizens. We believe that the very existence of national and ethnic differences can stimulate deeper awareness and understanding for society as a whole.

We see mutual reward in the struggle to know and understand one another. We believe newcomers can make significant contributions to the economic and cultural fabrics of their new communities, improving their own lives and enriching society in the process.

This is what drives our work at Unbound Philanthropy. Welcoming newcomers. Strengthening communities.