Immigrant Integration
Welcoming America

One Arizona voter registration drive. One AZ Votes! (Pita Juarez)

We seek to empower migrants and host communities to work together to create welcoming, vibrant, and just communities for newcomers and long-time residents alike.

In the United States

In the United States, we focus on the following areas:

Mutual engagement: 

We seek to build relationships of mutual engagement between immigrants and host communities by highlighting shared values and goals, as well as the contributions of immigrants.

State and local policies:

We fund advocacy and communications activities to support state and local policies that provide newcomers access to essential services and opportunities, such as college, adult education, and driver’s licenses.

Civic participation: 

We support trainings and leadership development programs that help newcomers become more engaged in policymaking at all levels of government. Our focus is on immigrant youth, women, and low-wage workers. We also support non-partisan get-out-the-vote efforts that primarily target low-propensity, New American voters. To date, our voter engagement funding has been primarily in Arizona.

The following grants and collaborations are examples of this strategic priority:

Welcoming America
Four Freedoms Fund
One Arizona
New American Leaders Project

State Infrastructure Fund

In the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, we focus on the following areas:

Young undocumented immigrants: 

We focus on ensuring young people (especially young people born in the UK) become British citizens and engage fully with society. For those in irregular situations, we invest in providing them with quality advice about their options.

First- and second-generation children who don’t speak English as a first language at home: 

We support efforts to improve the attainment of the one million students who speak English as an Additional Language in the state educational system. We focus on those students who are disadvantaged, and where possible, we support interventions that benefit all disadvantaged pupils.

The following collaborations and grants are examples of this strategic priority:

Supported Options Initiative
Coram Children's Legal Centre
Education Endowment Foundation and the Bell Foundation