Our Focus

Portraits collected in the Canalside Estates in Hackney, London, contributing to the blog - a collection of mini-stories and portraits of and about people living on the Estates. (Everyday on Canalside - Counterpoints Arts/Marcia Chandra)

In both the US and UK, the two regions in which we work, immigration and integration are salient and controversial issues. While there are significant differences in each context, we encourage an active exchange between our staff, grantees, and co-funders across the two regions, and look for opportunities to share lessons. 

To maximize our impact, we make grants and partner with other funders in both the US and UK to advance three priorities:

Legal Rights and Protections:

We seek to ensure legal protections in the immigration system. Explore more

Immigrant integration:

We seek to strengthen integration among newcomers and long-settled communities. Explore more

Building Public Understanding:

We seek to deepen public support and engagement for a just immigration system and welcoming society. Explore more