Counterpoints Arts

Counterpoints Arts

Counterpoints Arts, founded in 2012, is a charity that has rapidly established itself as the leading hub of creative arts and cultural projects exploring refugee and migrant experiences in the UK. Counterpoints Arts believes in the dynamic power of the creative arts and culture to inspire social change.

Counterpoints Arts directs and runs some of the UK’s leading arts, cultural, and educational events and projects focused on migrants and refugees. These include: Refugee Week, an annual, UK-wide festival that promotes the contribution of refugees to the UK; Platforma, a network of refugee and immigrant artists in the UK and beyond; and Learning Lab, an international showcase for shared learning and skills-transfer.

Unbound Philanthropy has supported Counterpoints Arts from its inception, and encouraged its growth as an organization.

Counterpoints Arts recently received National Portfolio Funding from the Arts Council England, bringing national recognition for their work. This achievement will allow Counterpoints Arts to continue to commission, develop, curate and produce creative projects that represent the stories and experiences of refugees and migrants. They do so through talent development, collaborations with and between artists, arts, cultural and educational organizations, advocates, and civil society activists.