Case studies

Case Studies

US-Based Case Studies

A Bright Light in Challenging Times: Successful coalition building and data-driven approaches in Arizona advance immigrant rights in divisive political landscape

A case study of One Arizona: Peoples Movement for a New Arizona 

PDF icon One Arizona Evaluation Executive Brief

PDF icon One_Arizona_Full_Evaluation.pdf

Demanding Dignity by Speak Truth to Power: How United We Dream Network (UWDN) Accelerated the Immigrant Youth Movement. 
A case study of UWDN's major accomplishments and lesson's learned 

This 2015 case study richly describes United We Dream Network’s remarkable journey in coalescing and accelerating the progress of the immigrant youth movement. Learning for Action (LFA) tells UWDN’s story using a visually engaging SlideDoc format – a combination of written narrative, graphics, and images – which consists of four main modules: 1) UWDN’s journey at a glance, 2) UWDN’s impact, 3) reflections on UWDN’s path forward, and 4) reflections for funders. As the learning and evaluation partner for Unbound Philanthropy, LFA developed this case study for multiple audiences: UWDN as it takes stock of what has been achieved and charts its path ahead, Unbound Philanthropy as it supports UWDN and lives out its “theory of philanthropy,” and other funders who wish to advance movement-building and immigrant rights. To develop this case study, LFA engaged in an array of methods, integrating data from interviews with over 30 individuals, insights from more than 20 documents, and statistics collected by UWDN. (To view case study modules, click on the bookmark-shaped icon on the left in the case study PDF.)

PDF icon United We Dream Executive Summary 
PDF icon United We Dream Case Study 2015