Building Public Understanding

Building Public Understanding

The "poppy headscarf" is intended to raise awareness about Muslims who fought in World War I. (Photo Credit: Rooful Ali/

We seek to improve people’s knowledge and understanding of immigration, integration, and cultural diversity in society.

In the United States

In the United States, we focus on:

Media, and arts and culture:

These grants are tightly woven with our other strategic priorities. We seek to amplify immigrants’ voices in public debates. In addition, we fund arts and culture projects as we see the arts as a key driver of social change and of building public understanding.

The following grants are examples of this strategic priority:

Define American
National Day Laborer Organizing Network


In the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, we focus on:

Media, communications, and arts and culture:

We hope to contribute to the debate in the national media to ensure more accuracy and depth on issues of national identity, integration, and immigration, to better reflect experiences on the ground.

Movement building and civic engagement:

We seek to increase public will for immigration policies that are managed for the common good, thereby building a movement of people who support policies and laws that secure rights and promote opportunities.

The following collaborations and grants are examples of this strategic priority:

Migration Exchange

Counterpoints Arts

British Future

Migration Observatory

Citizens UK