America's Voice

America's Voice Education Fund

America’s Voice Education Fund (AVEF) was founded in 2008 to serve as the communications hub of the immigration reform movement. Its purpose is to drive and influence the media narrative about immigrants and immigration reform in order to create the public and political will for policy change. It harnesses the power of American voices and American values to support enact policy change that guarantees rights for immigrants and their families.

Unbound Philanthropy has provided general support to AVEF since 2010. AVEF has reached hundreds of thousands of people through its print, radio, television and online media work, and expanded crucial partnerships with organizations outside the immigrant rights movement. Perhaps its biggest accomplishment to date has been to play a lead role in transforming the dynamics of the immigration reform debate. Using a blend of polls, advertising and press events, AVEF has helped make immigration reform - once viewed as a wedge issue unpopular with the public - into a mobilizing issue for the fast-growing Latino, Asian and immigrant communities, and one that is supported by more than 75% of the entire electorate.